Feliz Navidad! To Latinos Christmas is basically celebrated on Christmas Eve. 
We have dinner with our families, dress up and open presents at midnight. 
A tradition that I love and have passed on to my children. This year is extra special because it's Emme's first Christmas! And we couldn't be happier to have a little princess to celebrate with.
I am all about traditions and love to make little memories very very "cherish-able".  This morning I got to sleep in a little - thanks to my amazing husband! Christmas came early for me! But as soon as I woke up I was on Christmas mode and got everything ready to bake some Christmas brownies with the kids. I dressed Emme in her adorable candy cane princess dress that the sweet Tania from Belle Threads sent her .... if you don't know about her, follow her on insta (@belllethreads) she sews amazing pieces for all occasions for little girls. 
Little did I know that Emme would take the wooden spoon and devour the brownie mix! We let her have some fun but took her dress off so she wouldn't ruin it. It was truly the best moment so far. Ben loved it and we cracked up so hard seeing how much she enjoyed it. She cried when we took it away and off to bathe she went. I love sharing these little moments with you and wanted to pop in quickly to wish you a very happy, healthy and memorable Christmas. 
Feliz Navidad and let's remember the real reason... Jesus is born tonight.
God bless, love you guys!