If you guys follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you now know that I don't like to wash dishes! 
And this week I confessed to using paper plates daily so that I don't have to wash the plates! 
I have no shame in my game ladies, this little secret saves me time and effort! So anytime you see my pretty food photos on Instagram from what I just cooked... know that, I only did it for the insta!
Everyone else ate on paper plates! 
As a mom and wife this is just one of my little secrets;) I like to make sure I spend enough time with my babies so I like to be proactive when it comes to my duties in the house. For example, I start cleaning the house on Wednesdays, little by little... so that I don't have to spend one whole day cleaning. And I use Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning spray because it's effective and cleans off my messes quick and efficiently. I love the cleaning smell and leaves my toaster, blender and stove super shiny and clean! You need it too, Especially this season, as it not only cuts grease and grime but it also kills the viruses causing the flu and common cold! But don't just take my word for it, take a look at the details HERE, helps make my life easier and it will make yours easier too. 
So tell me, what's your little confession? We all have one.

ps: Confession #459, I don't really wear heels when I clean... it just matched my turban! 


This post is sponsored by Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles. As always all opinions are my own.