The Monday Blues. 
 Yesterday started off not as well as it ended. Thankfully. 
This picture was taken as I was working on a post for a really fun campaign I have coming up. 
My beautiful son just jumped in my shot and I loved how this picture came out... 
I love what this picture portrays. His natural and mischievous little smile and my joyful laugh.. because after all my children are truly the essence of every single thing I set out to do. 
I had an outfit post planned for today but I decided to switch it up and save the outfit post for tomorrow because I felt it was necessary to send out all of my positive vibrations to you. 
For whatever it may that you are going through... it always works out. 
Hopefully soon I can share exactly what had me so bummed out. It is nothing horrible but definitely had my reasons to feeling crappy. I lived through that saying yesterday, the one that talks about being able to switch your mood and mentality in order to change your day. 
I was chatting with a good friend and she told me exactly what I need to hear:
"Allow yourself a certain amount of time to be upset and feel whatever you 
have to feel and then, you have to get out of it" 
And that is exactly what I did. 
I let my head feel the emotions it needed to. And then I was done. 
I went off to finish my work... and you will not believe what happened next. 
Literally EVERY SINGLE THING started falling into place. So much so that I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I am handling three major changes and new things as we "speak". 
I ended my night with a grateful heart. 
I have always been the type of person whose emotions are easily displayed right on my face. I can't hide how I feel and I have learned that I have to proud of that. I very proudly wear my heart on my sleeve. And believe me it can be good and sometimes bad. When I am in a bad mood or if I just get a bad vibe from you. I shut down. I trust my gut instinct to the max.
Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I grew up a little. 
So many different aspects of what my life is transitioning through right now where put on display.
From personal to my love for my job: blogging. 
I can't wait to share (once everything is 100%) what I am talking about. 
But for now, I wanted to let you know that yes the light is there. Once we allow ourselves to connect spiritually and emotionally with our own souls. We allow for God and the universe to transpire every single thing that is meant to be OURS.  
My mom said: whatever is yours, no one can take away. That woman is never wrong.