It's all about Beauty Day Wednesday today!

I am so excited finally be able to share this collaboration with you all. 
I have been working with Clinique for a few weeks now to bring you the first of two posts that I truly hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed working on it.
A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a full skin care and makeup consultation at my local Clinique counter. Clinique is one of those brands that is, simply put, a synonym to amazing quality and trust. 
Fun fact: I used Clinique pretty much my entire college life. My mom swears by it and of course who else to give me better skin care secrets + advice than my best friend aka my mother!

And even though I have used the brand before I actually never had a consultation. And let me be the first to tell you ladies, it is totally worth every minute of our time. You will discover your personal skin care needs as well as understand what is best for you and what works for your concerns, in an easy, fun and friendly atmosphere.
I met Jennifer (total sweet heart and fellow mom) she was super understanding and super knowledgeable but most of all helpful with my questions and skin concerns. 
We started off with a full facial using the famous 3-Step Skin Care System. This is what I had used in prior years, I remember loving that yellow moisturizer! We all recognize that bottle from counters apart. And to be completely honest, I still love it. I love the soft and clean feel of my face after I wash it with the Liquid Facial Soap to the fresh and glowing skin I rock when I apply my Dramatically different moisturizer. But ladies, Clinique has so much more than just that. Let's continue, shall we? 
Some of my main concerns are my pores around my cheeks (larger than I would like) and my t-zone. Jennifer was very informative and really helped me understand my skin and what worked best for me. After doing a skin test of sorts, she was able to determine that I am a Type 2 Dry to Dry Combination Skin. She gave me tips and tricks on how to use the Clinique products in a way that would benefit my daily routines  and schedule. I explained that I have two small children and she showed me a quick way to get all my beauty regimen completed for a mom on the go like me. I will have a lot more details on my second posts, I will even share a review on some of my favorite products and tell you which one I absolutely cannot live without right now! There are too many to list! 
After my skin care consultation we moved right on to makeup! Oh and didn't she know me! 
Jennifer selected a peachy-coral palette for me, which I loved! Especially for summer. 
My favorite of all ladies? The Lip Pop Lipstick! My tone? Poppy Pop! 
Even the names are perfection. My lipstick lasted pretty much all day, I would honestly say it lasted about 8 hours. The color was vibrant and bold. Just perfect for my skin tone and style. 
I really love and appreciate that Clinique has a tone and shade for every skin type, color and style. 
The Lip Pop Lipsticks come in an array of colors and I can't wait to get my hands on a nude shade as well! I love my bolds but can't live without my nudes, especially day to day.
I have my eye on the Nude Pop for my next counter visit...
Do you guys use Clinique? What's your favorite product? I would love to read your Clinique beauty stories... but for now, I am off to wash my face and lather on some moisturizer.