About a week ago I posted on my Instagram about what videos I should film for my YouTube channel, basically what did you guys want to see. And one of my readers asked for a "what's in your diaper bag" video and I loved the idea, so I totally got into it. 
I remember when I had my son, I was such a rookie, I had no idea what I was doing and packing a diaper bag would actually stress me out. I mean... what does this baby need? how do I know what's going to happen in the next two hours? So I would over pack or under pack. It would take me forever to get out of the house... new mommas are you with me on that one? 
well... in comes second baby, thank you baby Jesus! I am now what some may call an expert;) 
The best advice I can give you is to always have the baby bag ready, here's how.
So I wanted to share some little tips of what has worked for me. 
Here is my latest YouTube video and please subscribe to my channel:) 
Here's a little recap of the things I keep in my baby bag.
1.    baby wipes
2.   2-3 diapers
3.  bib
4.   burp cloth
5.    headband and/or  bow (hat for boys)
6.           onesie (for summer)
7.   sunhat
8.   teething ring
9.     pacifier
10.   mosquito net
11.      wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss for mommy
12.   hand sanitizer
13.   travel size neosporin
14.     aquaphor or Vaseline
15.   teething tables
16.    lollipops for big brother