Hi Guys! Happy Monday!
I know I was super MIA last week around here. I've been struggling a little to keep my life with my family and the blog up to par and it is honestly nearly impossible. But I am learning how to manage my time better. Today for example, I am writing from my local Starbucks - sometimes it's so hard to get work done at home because of the kids, it's hard to focus unless they are asleep and by that time, I am exhausted from my busy day with them. I think it is all about time management, so my goal is to come out and work from a local coffee shop once or twice a week. 
But enough of that! Over the weekend, while getting my dose of InStyle goodness, I came across this amazing and super easy Kim Kardashian Beach Waves Hair Tutorial video by Jen Atkin. I love Jen A.! she is Kim K's friend and hairstylist and she is hair stylist to more than a few celebs like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and of course Sofia Vergara. She is the bomb.com and then some! 
 I've been toying around with the of cutting my hair about 4 inches... a huge difference for me who LOVES her long hair. But honestly it all started because I've heard from more than one of you that cutting my hair will actually stop my hair loss from happening. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been losing my hair due to my hormone change after birth and breastfeeding. 
I love this length but I wouldn't go this short. I am thinking definitely a little longer and I love this effortless beach wave look. Super sexy and sultry. Total understated glam. 
Watch the video HERE to see Jen's genius flatiron technique 
for creating Kardashian-worthy waves.
Que tal? Les gusta? Have you cute your cabello lately?