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Has it ever happened to you that the smell of a certain food, perfume, season and even your body wash can take you back to the best and most fun memories? It happens to me all the time, even when I was a little girl. I remember when my mother would travel... being an only child, I was always super attached to her, so on the days she wasn't home, I remember I would love to smell her clothes! Kind of weird, right? But so true. It simply took me back, straight to her, it was like I could almost feel her hugging me by just smelling her clothes. It made me feel so close to her; she definitely is one strong, independent woman who has always left the biggest impression in my life. One by which I am so inspired by. Those memories last a lifetime, and a scent lasts forever too. I hope my kids one day also have a special scent that they can connect back to me. 

And when it comes to people thinking of me, I want them to always think of me as a passionate woman. I am passionate with my husband, as we should all be, but passionate doesn't only have a sexual connotation... I am passionate about my emotions, my dreams and how I live my life. 
There is nothing, to me, like being passionate, nothing like feeling sexy and confident. 

And for me, this Caress Adore Forever™ body wash gives me exactly that. It rejuvenates my inner 25-year-old, it excites my flirty-sassy senses and it totally gives me the confidence and sex appeal I love. With its long-lasting sweet honey-vanilla scent, it has become one of my favorite body washes, especially this spring. I love to change up my beauty routines for face and body every season. And this one is especially delicious; it makes me feel like a new, more confident woman; a woman that leaves a long lasting impression with her exquisite scent and vibrant personality. I just love for people to feel my vibe through my energy and remember me not just by how I look but most importantly by how I made them feel. A person's smell can reveal just that, a true deep feeling and an array of memories.

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