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It's Beauty Tuesday! For today's post I teamed up with POND'S to share my night time beauty routine with you. I have been using POND'S moisturizers for about 4 years now. I started using it when I was pregnant with Ben, as it was recommended to me by one of my dear friends because of my very dry skin at the time. But I always knew about the brand because my mom and aunts have used it ever since I can remember. I remember when I lived in Ecuador... 20 years ago, my aunt would actually use it every night to remove her makeup! Yes, before these amazing POND'S® Makeup Removing Towelettes even existed! And let me tell you she still uses the brand and has amazing skin. So when my friend recommended it years ago I began to use and see results immediately. And have not stopped using it since. Most recently I tried out POND'S Bio-Hydratante Hydration Cream, as you all know I love to test out other brands and new products and I love sharing my favorites with you because they really work for me.POND'S is one of the brands I always keep in stock at home and use it nightly, especially in the winter. It has an amazing moisturizing and refreshing texture and leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh every single time.
I remember the days when I worked my 9-5 I wore makeup every single day. My skin was much different back them. It is amazing what makeup will do to you - good and bad. It can make you feel stunning and beautiful but it can also cause your skin to dry out and bumps or acne to appear. That is why it is so important to have a good daily facial cleansing routine, no matter what age you are. Nowadays, I don't wear makeup everyday and honestly it feels great... while I love makeup I am also happy to be makeup-free because I can see the difference in my skin. I am typically au-natural when running errands throughout the week. But still whether or not I wore make up that day I still clean my face with makeup wipes before washing my face. And lately I have been using POND'S® Makeup Removing Towelettes and love them!

First, I clean my face at night with my facial wipes (makeup or not).
Then wash my face with a good facial cleanser
Lastly, I apply POND'S Bio-Hydratante Hydration Cream.

I go to bed with clean, fresh and smooth skin and wake up with a "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS" look I love. I definitely recommend these two products ladies, they are inexpensive, effective and you will see immediate results. Especially if you have dry skin. They have several different types of moisturizers and you can use they one that best suits your skin. You can purchase these products at your local Walmart. Let me know if you try it and I guarantee you will love it as much as I do!

The world famous Rockettes are known for their precision dance routines where every step is the same. But when they’re off stage, their beauty routines are choreographed to their individual needs.
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