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For today's baby post I wanted to share some tips for new mommies and mommies to be. I remember when I was pregnant with Ben, registering can be pretty exciting but very overwhelming all at the same time, especially when you are brand new to this.  We took several trips to our stores and though it was fun I had so many questions. Now that I am on my second pregnancy and even though I am no expert by any means, I have learned what you really need and what you don't. So I wanted to share my top 12 Baby Registry Essentials as seen on my illustration above. Of course there are many more things we need for baby but these are some of the most important and essential items to add to your registry now! 
1. Infant Car Seat. There are so many on the market and I personally used Peg Perego with Ben, the upside, amazing reviews... downside, heavy! But it worked for us and we will be using it for our baby girl as well. That's the great thing about having a second baby, you have a lot of the bigger things you need already! 
2. Baby Bottle Set. I remember I registered for one too many bottles, I used Dr. Brown's and Born Free, I guess I wanted to be safe in case I ever ran out? I don't know lol but you really just need two 4 ounce bottles and two 8 ounce bottles. The truth is you are always going to be washing/sterilizing them right after you use them to prevent germs, so you don't need a thousand bottles, they just take up space. 
3. Swaddle Blankets. Newborns are so warm and tucked inside our bellies, which is why swaddling works. They love the snugglie feeling and are most comfortable when they are wrapped nice and warm. But you don't need 20 of them like I thought I did. I believe 2 packs of 3 swaddle blankets are more than enough.
4. Baby Monitor. I used AngelCare for my son. I loved that I had the option to turn it on and go do my own thing in the kitchen or living room while he slept and felt calm and comfortable because I could hear his every move. I didn't use a camera monitor and it work for us but if you prefer the camera, just be careful with the wifi features, since there has been some crazy scary stories of strangers breaking into the camera via wifi.
5. Baby Bathtub. Make sure to register one with either a baby sling net or a baby sponge. It will come in handy for the first few baby baths, since baby will be so little and fragile. Then these usually can be used as regular baby tubs. My two cents... baby doesn't need a spa! So those spa tubs for babies are a waste to me. They take up too much room and are useless. When you are bathing your baby you really don't have much time and are doing it quickly. So for me these inexpensive regular tubs worked just great.
6. Breast Pump. A great breast bump is all a matter of preference. Whether you like a manual one or an electric one. I used Medela with my baby. And I really liked it. They can get very expensive but if you are serious about breast feeding it is a great investment too. There are many different brands and choices for every budget. So mamas, get to it and do your research on what will work best for you. Mommy tip: most insurances are now covering the cost of your pump, so talk to your doctor or research how you can get your breast pump paid for by your healthcare insurance right away.
7. Huggies Diapers. From the moment Ben was born we used Huggies diapers. All the way until he was potty trained and they worked great for us at every stage of his development and milestones. You can now add Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes to your registry by going HERE. I loved these because of the cottony texture inside and out, keeping our baby comfy and dry. I totally recommend them.
8. Baby Bouncer. This is a life saver ladies. Babies love it and you will too. I love the new cozy and lovely designs that are out now. For me it was a must have because for the moments I needed to put Ben down to go to the bathroom, take a shower, cook or do other things, our baby bouncer kept him happy. There are so many choices to pick from so it is all up to what you are looking for in price and style. 
9. Portable Baby Crib. I used a baby bassinet but I wish I would've registered for this one for the simple fact that it is portable and easy to travel with. You will definitely need  either a bassinet or portable mini crib like this one for the first few weeks when the baby is waking up every few hours and you need to have him/her right at your bedside. I love being able to just raise my head and see my son right next to me. 
10. Baby Bibs. This is something that any mom will tell you, you will need a lot of! Babies throw up, some of them throw up a lot. So you will most likely be going through these all day, every day. So be sure to register for a few sets of bibs. I recommend terry cloth ones for the house, they soak up more and don't go through onto the babies clothes as much as the linen ones. Also make sure to check on the material of the back of the bib to help with moisture coming through.
11. Crib. Of course you need a baby crib! I love love love this one by Fisher Price, I love the classic and simple style. And the price! I had a brown one my mom gifted us for my son but this time around I wanted a white one for our baby girl. So I sold my brown one and my mom will be getting us this crib. At just $200 it is a great deal and has amazing reviews! Email if you want details. Cribs are all about taste and budget. There are amazingly stunning $1k cribs so if you have the desire and budget, go ahead... but remember there are more inexpensive options. Colors, styles and prices for everyone. I can't wait to get ours. 
12. Stroller. I remember when we where registering for our stroller. We actually went out one days specifically to look and test out strollers. It was like buying a car! Hilarious. But you want a good stroller. And as a first time mom you have a lot of questions. I has a Peg Perego and to be honest I ended up not liking it. I used to it just until recently. And we have now purchased a City Select stroller with a second seat option. And I am very happy. Even though it is a heavier stroller the features are great. You can also register for a City Mini which is the one shown above and you will be just fine. It is all about what you are looking for in a stroller and what works best for you and your hubby. 

Whatever your registry "needs" are it is ultimately up to you what you choose. But keep in mind that things like a baby wipe warmer is a waste of money and space... warm up that wipe with your hands, believe me it works. Fancy bathtubs are useless in my opinion. And you really only need the baby bumper piece of the bedding set ladies! We had a super expensive bedding set with Ben... I never used the quilt and the skirt was not visible because of the style of my crib. But it was beautiful. This time around I am making sure to get the bumper and safe money. If you need the skirt there are so many options at Babies r Us and Target alike for no more than $25. Remember babies grow up so fast, be smart about what you use and don't use. And if you get doubles at your baby shower, take them back to the store and keep the credit for your baby wipes and Huggies Little Snugglers diapers, trust me you will need a ton. I hope you enjoyed this post and that I could be of some help. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.