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This week is extra special for me. Extra emotional. Extra memorable. Extra touching. My son was born on August 8, 2011. Three amazing years ago. The best of my entire life. Truly. And life has never been the same since. The amount of joy he brings into our lives is truly un-measurable. There are no words and there will never even be enough moments in my lifetime to really describe and capture everything he is to me. He is simply more than me. He is all of  me, all of my life, all of my thoughts, all of my emotions. He is my happiness, my laughter, my worries, my sleepless nights. And there is nothing more I want in the world than to promise my beautiful, intelligent, precious boy that I will always and forever be by his side... always. Wishing him health and most of all HAPPINESS. Staring at his peaceful sleep every night and morning. Kissing his delicious feet. Looking over his pictures, thinking back to every memory we've had. And most of all aiming to make him a great, amazing, successful, adventurous, fearless, kind, humble and mostly HAPPY human being. Because nothing in the world compares to being happy. Truly happy. And that is what he has given me and that is what I want to give him for the rest of his life. Because he is amazing. There is no one I rather spend my days with than him and I am so blessed to be able to enjoy every. single. day. of his life.
B, I promise: give you everything that you NEED. be the best teacher I can be. be the best nurse and heal your wounds. always be there for you. teach you right from wrong. raise you to be a humble and kid gentleman. teach the value of love and not just money. always make your favorite foods. always say your prayers with you. never miss the important moments in your life. always kiss you good night. always have our family hugs.
and to keep you safe...

...from the inside out. That is why I committed to this amazing collaboration with Johnson & Johnson. Because my son is my world and I love the Johnson Baby Promise. Many of us moms had been concerned about the products used in our Johnson's baby products and this is why they took it a step further by removing the ingredients, not because of safety but because of peace of mind. Because they understand us, as moms, as parents. And I love that. Here is an amazingly touching and sweet video, it is an open letter to all moms. And you have to see how Johnson & Johnson decided to deliver that promise, by giving us a sweet and symbolic promise, an open letter to us. And I am so happy they did. Here is the video. Enjoy!
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What's your promise?