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This week I am super excited to share my No Mas Poros Neutrogena challenge with you! Last week, I posted on Instagram, the 4 skin care products I have been using and to be complete honest ladies, Neutrogena knows how to get it right. I am loving my skin lately and I know it is all thanks to Neutrogena. For this challenge I tried the Neutrogena Pore Refining Skin Care Line (below) for 7 days. This regimen is designed to minimize the appearance of pores for a younger looking skin. And as I get older I am realizing that less is more, which has led me to wearing a lot less makeup and I feel amazing about it.  So I wanted to share with you gals, these amazing and inexpensive must-have products. From the cleanser to the moisturizer, I guarantee you will love it, like I do! 
Step 1: Use NEUTROGENA® Pore Refining Daily Cleanser to wash off all makeup and impurities away. Your pores will looks visibly smaller in just 1 week and your skin will glow immediately after you wash. I love how fresh and clean my face feels and looks after this. I use this daily and LOVE the scent. 

Step 2: Use NEUTROGENA® Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid of all your dead skin. I usually exfoliate two to three times a week. But the formula is gentle enough for daily use if you need it. Gentle microbeads sweep away dead surface skin and smooths over rough uneven patches for clear, smooth and more even toned. 

Step 3: I use the NEUTROGENA® Pore Refining Toner for an even deeper cleanse. Just moist a cotton ball with this toner and apply to your clean face. I am always amazed to see that even after cleaning my skin, the toner pulls out deep hidden dirt. Toners are a very important part of any skin care regimen and it doesn't dry your skin. Also, great for getting deep into acne for a full cleanse. 

Step 4: NEUTROGENA® Pore Refining Moisturizer (in stores this August). If you are like me you can't live without moisturizer. I truly feel dry and like something is missing without it. Moisturizing is a must for ALL skin types. And I am in love with this new fave. Now only does it leave my skin smooth and glowing but it also helps in reducing my pores. It is my last and final step to this effective skin care regimen. I can guarantee, you WILL want to leave the house without makeup, that's how I've felt since using these products. Here are some more detailed pictures of my face so you can see the progress.
Above is my BEFORE picture... and see the AFTER pics below. 

The best part ladies, most of these Neutrogena products are sold for just $6.99 each. Now that's a price you can't beat. You get amazing fast results, clearer younger and glowing skin at a super budget friendly price. So there you have it, now you know my latest secret for younger looking skin!