So I've been wanting to try this cute boho chic trend for a while now. And finally gave in. I went to my local AC Moore and spent just $8 and completed this inexpensive and super pretty flower crown. I designed it for a super fun shoot I have soon, can't wait to show you that too. But for now let's talk about this DIY flower crown. I literally made this in under 20 minutes. It was such fun and easy project, anyone can do it, anytime. 
All you will need is the following: 
- artificial bunches of flowers in your favorite color
- jewelry wire: 12 gauge (thickness) | as lightweight and bendable.
-glue gun and additional glue sticks
 After measuring my head with the wire, I cut it with a regular scissor and made this loop knot to secure it. 
 Remove all the flower heads from the stems and pull out the leaves to use to cover the wire. 
 Make sure you separate all your colors and have them handy for easy and quick process.
 Now this is the fun part, you can arrange the flowers every which way you like. I did the bigger flowers about an inch apart, leaving room for the smaller flowers. I kind of just went on to place them as I could and no matter how you do it it sure to look amazing. In the picture below you can see the covered wire, which now looks green as oppose to the copper wire color. For a better and more comfortable look. 
 And voila, here is the final result. I truly love my crown. And cannot wait to wear it for my shoot. I love the colors I chose and how they came together. I only used the smaller flowers for the front, the rest of the crown is covered in just the darker purple flowers. I have plenty of lighter flowers left to make another project. Which means this project was even cheaper than $8 since I didn't use all the material. 

I really hope you guys liked this DIY project. I truly enjoyed doing it. Stay tuned for the complete look!