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Summer time is just around the corner! The beaches officially open this weekend here in the East Coast and we are jumping for joy. We've had a long and dreadful winter this year, so there is nothing more satisfying that hot temperatures, beaches and frozen drinks. Unfortunately many times we are so excited about the rays of the sun that we don't realize the damage it actually does to our skin. And today I am happy to have partnered up with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect to bring you the truth about a couple of sun care myth you may have heard about growing up. 
One of the things I grew up hearing was that there is no need to use SPF or sunscreen during the winter months. And ladies that is a LIE. The sun has such powerful rays that even during freezing cold temperatures and sometimes even clouds, there can be sun burns and sun damage without us knowing. This is why I use a daily moisturizer with SPF, all year round. And during the summer months I always apply a facial sunscreen and wear a hat when I am out at the beach, pool or water parks. As a mom, I am now more aware and careful when it comes to the damage and consequences the sun can leave behind. While we may sometimes be savoring the moment, whether at the beach, the pool or simply the park, we may be abandoning our skin's best interest. It is so important to protect yourself from the sun. From very early on, especially in babies and kids. I always carry Neutrogena Sunblock Stick in my bag when I am out with my son. Kids are so sensitive to the sun, be sure to protect your little one. Apply the Pure + Free Baby Faces 50+ SPF sunscreen at home before getting ready to go out and keep the Sunblock Stick for reapplications. These two products are gentle and most importantly tear-free. 
So this summer, ladies, don't forget to protect your entire family with Neutrogena. They have a product for everyone and I faithfully rely on their sunscreen during our summer months. Keeping a good "summer ritual" will also enhance your family's awareness about the damages of the sun. And teach your children to protect themselves from the sun from early on, possibly leaving them with a life long lesson they can pass on.

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