Treasuring Family Moments with LUBRIDERM

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 To me, FAMILY is everything. It always has been. From my very first memories as a child I always remember that no matter what my family always made time for family time and no matter what we always have each others back. Whether that was through exquisite Ecuadorian meals on Sundays or by simply being there for each other during more difficult times. 
And now that I have my own family I have learned to treasure my family moments just like my mom did with me. In my family we enjoy anything and everything as long as we do it together. From summer walks in the park, fun water parks or pool days... to simply movie nights and reading time! And I cherish those memories by capturing them with photos. I have always been a picture fanatic and I think that is the best way to hold those precious moments forever. One of the little traditions I love most is weekend mornings... we typically cook breakfast and now that my son is 2 we let him take over the meal making and he loves it. As simple as it may be we really enjoy those little moments together... they mean the most to me. Because when it come to taking care of my family - their health and happiness is my #1 priority. 
That is why it's so important for me to not only take care of their bodies inside by making them healthy meals but also keeping their outsides healthy. My husband and my son both tend to get dry skin patches on their bodies during the winter months. Like father, like son! So that is where SuperMama comes to the rescue. I make sure they are always hydrated and moisturized by using Lubriderm's Daily Moisture Lotion. It is by far the best moisturizing body lotion we have used, my favorite is the new Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine scent. It has such a soothing fragrance, almost baby like, but still the same trusted effectiveness as the original Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion. It keeps my family's skin moisturized for 24 hours and has a light and clean, non-greasy feel which we love.
Treasuring Family Moments with LUBRIDERM