After the craziness of Day 1 and covering 3 shows that day... I stayed home for Day 2. I had a super hectic crazy day on the first day that I had made the decision early on to not go to the city everyday. As you all know I have a husband and a 2-year old to attend to first:) So that is why you see this as Day 3 on the title. On Day 3 I had a packed day between runway shows and toddler birthday parties, I knew it was going to be a pretty busy Saturday. The day started off with the Son Jung Wan show at 12pm. It took place at the Studio in Lincoln Center and when I say it was a packed house it was a PACKED house. it was so hot in the room we had to wait a  little while before the show began but all the wait was worth it. The collection was nothing short of casual beauty. 

Son Jung Wan is such a classic and timeless designer. Her pieces are everything a woman must have in her closet for everyday looks with style and grace. The Spring 2014 collection was filled with casual chic dresses and just gorgeous symmetrical detail as well as ending the show with vibrant sparkly pieces. As always white is THE color of the summer, the show started off with fresh, casual and effortless white pieces. Making its way into pretty yellow chiffon dresses and pastel candy colored items and into golden/bronzey looks. I selected some of my favorite looks. PHOTO CREDIT: WWM

If there was one show I definitely wanted to get that was Mara Hoffman. When I first started working on my NYFW schedule I honestly did not imagine having the amazing opportunity to attend as many shows as I did... especially at the ubber famous Lincoln Center. But this was one that I definitely wanted so when I received my invite, I was beyond thrilled! I simply love her designs. The boho chic vibe is totally everything I would wear; on vacation, out on the town and of course for a romantic summer dinner with my love. The textures and prints are just ultra chic and fabulous and I couldn't wait for the show to start. It was a packed house in The Theater. As soon as the lights went off and the music started I knew this would be my favorite show and one I wouldn't forget. The vibe was off the roof, the music was that of a Spanish island. So rhythmic and summer sexy, so so cool. 

Every look was better than the last. This ready-to-wear collection was definitely something I would die to have in my closet, every.single.piece. The fun prints and accentuating cut outs made this collection definitely my favorite of all I had attended so far. As always Hoffman makes a statement in bold prints and colors. With her aztec cool style, Mara Hoffman wins my everyday fashionista heart. Beautiful color combinations and fun intricate details are going to be very popular this spring. Most of these pieces can be taken from daytime chic and casual into more elegant and sassy fun night looks in a matter of seconds by simply adding key accessories. You all know how much I love versatile clothes and this collection was no exception.

I mean simply THE most amazing shorts of my life. I am dying over these. 

As you can see I couldn't narrow down my picks to just 4. So I chose freely. Mara Hoffman is a boho chic goddess. I can't wait until these pieces hit stores, I hope to be lucky to snag some of these goodies for some pretty cool vacations I hope to make next year. 

This has been your NYFW Fashion Report of Day 3 ;)