A few weeks ago I was invited to a Hello Kitty event, where we were able to preview some beyond-adorable Hello Kitty  Paul Frank and Sparkle Bee products. Growing up in the 80's I actually knew all about Hello Kitty and I love to see that today the popular cartoon is still as popular as ever. I was able to bring one guest and I was thrilled to bring my youngest aunt, she is probably the biggest Hello Kitty fan I know. So it was awesome to experience the event with her. The event took place at Serendipity III in NYC.  I actually had never been to the famous spot, so I was thrilled to come to the event. We were greeted with the popular and delicious frozen hot chocolate desserts... and DO believe the hype! They are to die for. I loved that they had set up the place with amazing sweets and treats, fun giveaways and contests. 

Some of my favorite products were the Hello Kitty Toaster and the pink TV monitor with remote (see below; also comes in black). The TV is super cute and I can't wait to have a little girl one day and decorate her room with some adorable HK items. These items are actually not even out yet, they will hit shelves this November, perfect timing for the holidays. If you have a little girl, no matter what the age range, there is something for everyone. From fun karaoke machine that has a built in camera to a fab and sleek blow dryer as well as a cute little night light. The possibilities for gifts are endless.... from little ones to adult HK lovers.

Here are some of my top picks from the product preview: 
There were also some pretty cool Paul Frank items. My favorite is the water dispenser! 

TRIVIA: Did you know that Hello Kitty turns next year? 
Yes, something I learned at the event... what an amazing milestone! 

During the event there were quite a few Twitter/Instagram/Facebook contests... and whaddajuknow I won for best Twitter pic! Not only did I win a pretty fab popcorn maker and water dispenser, we also were sent home with swag bags filled with Hello Kitty fabulosity! From cell phones cases, pens, ipod/camera cases and sparkly ear buds! My husband was less than thrilled with all the new pink items at our house ;) 

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