Warning: Picture Overload

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of my beautiful friend and blogger Nadia from NacStyles in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. When it came time to look for a dress I knew I wanted something bright, cheerful and happy... just like the Caribbean. I looked high and low for the perfect dress. I love to be in style and feeling fabulous but always comfortable. And when it came to combining those 3, I actually had a really difficult time finding that perfect combo. I went to so many malls and stores... the dresses were either too long (no time to hem it), not cute, too casual... or my least fave, too expensive!

So last minute I decided to go to my ultimate go-to store: JCPenney. This was actually the first store I had visited but didn't find anything at the time... because I ONLY looked at the "dresses" section... when I went to pay one of the dresses I had settled for I turned around and saw this amazing yellow dress. It was love at first sight. I immediately ran to grab it and try it on but it was too small. The price was beyond a bargain, it was $60, I couldn't believe my eyes, the fabric of this dress is a dream! We ordered a size bigger and waited and waited.... and waited. I received my dress at 3 pm on Wednesday and my flight was set to take off on Thursday at 7 am. So this was do or die for me. It HAD TO fit!

I tried it on... and guess what? It was tight as ever. The fitting room attendant had so much difficulty zippering it up. But I forced her to. So I took the dress home and prayed for the best. When we got to DR I had no rice, no potatoes, no pasta or bread and believe me it worked! The day of the wedding came and it zippered so smoothly. How I felt inside of it was a different story! I could barely breath when we were at the ceremony... Gosh the things we do for beauty! Thankfully later on in the night the dress seemed to mold into my body and it actually didn't bother me anymore. We danced the night away... It was such a beautiful wedding! And I felt fabulous in my $60 dress.

   The dress comes with a more casual belt, a fab belt but too casual for the occasion. So I added this crystal belt from Anthropology.And accented with neutral colored accessories for a clean look.

Originally I was going to do a nude lip but I got wild and wore Russian Red by MAC. It gave me the confidence I always feel when I wear my red lipstick.

Dress: MNG by Mango | Belt: Anthropology | Shoes: Zara | Bag: NY&Co | Jewelry: Lola Blue 

These are the stunning Isabella Earrings from my collection at www.lolabluethecloset.com 
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I loved the color of this dress, so fun and cheerful. And since I am in complete lust with nude shoes, this occasion was no exception for the suede nude! I love that they go with absolutely every.single.thing. And these Zara-babies didn't disappoint. Oh and the big bonus... They were actually so comfortable and I was one of two women in the wedding who did not take their shoes of the entire time!