Out of all my duties and responsibilities, being a MOM to my son is my number 1 priority. My favorite task, my favorite job and the best of past times. It isn't always easy but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
From the moment he was born I became something I had never been before, not just a woman but a mother. The love for a child is absolutely the most selfless kind of love. And he has taught me love, I have became a lioness to my cub, I've laughed when I wanted to cry, and most of all patience, oh the patience jajaja. 
There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank my God for the most amazing little boy, the smartest, the silliest and most handsome boy I ever laid my eyes on. He makes everything worth it. 
I am the happiest woman I have ever been because I his mom. 

My baby almost 2 years ago at just a couple days old.

... so, since being a mom is a full time job x100 well we all deserve the best gifts we can ask for. 
Thoughtful gifts melt my heart I am a sucker for cards, notes and flowers. 
But handbags, clothes and shoes keep my closet very happy! 
So for this Mother's Day I wanted to make a list of my Top 6 Gift Ideas for a Fashionista like me! 

Want to know where to get any of these? Click below for pricing and online link! 

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Which one is your fave? I love that these are all fab and vary in price from $24 to Loubs! ;) 

Happy Mother's day to all you amazing mommies, but especially my own. 
There are never enough words to explain my love for her. She is simply amazing and is my world. 
I am a lucky gal.