When it comes to wardrobe pieces, skirts are my ultimate fave. They have been since I can remember! 
I believe that we all have or should have one body part that we love the most about ourselves and for me that is my legs. So now you know why I love dresses and skirts! Not only are they uber-feminine and sexy but when worn correctly and most importantly comfortably, the right outfit can make you feel like a million bucks. Any time I am in a skirt or a dress I am my most comfortable, I love feeling feminine and 
a little fancy... that is what a skirt does to me. What's your favorite body part? 
Mi pieza favorita de ropa siempre han sido los vestidos y las faldas, desde chiquita. Pienso que todas tenemos una parte de nuestro cuerpo que nos gusta mas y para mi esa seria mis piernas. Asi que cada ocasion que puedo me pongo un vestido o falda, me hace sentir super femenina y sexy. 
Cual es tu parte de tu cuerpo favorita? Todas tenemos una... 


 Jewelry/Joyeria: Lola Blue | Top/Blusa: H&M | Skirt/Falda: Windsor | Shoes/Zapatos: Forever 21 | Watch/Reloj: NY&Co.


I am so happy I purchased this sandals as soon as they were out, they were sold out so quickly! 

I wore this outfit to a baby shower. Anyone that has been to a Latino baby shower knows that it will not just be a little brunch event... it's a party! So I was dressed for the occasion in my newest and favorite little skirt!
Me vesti con este look para un baby shower. Ya saben que un baby shower para nosotros los Hispanos significa: FIESTA! Por eso me puse mi falda favorita, perfecta para la ocasion!