Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with the fab Elizabeth Marte (founder of FC) and her team - you may know them as Fashion Climaxx! They were here on a business trip visiting from Miami. It was a super cold Saturday. I had never taken the train by myself (I am usually with friends or family) into the city but I knew I had to be at this event. So I pulled myself together and made it out. And let's just say it was  definitely worth it and I am so happy I went. I met a few fabulous bloggers and we chatted up about future plans. We have many plans and great things coming to Lola Blue, so definitely stay tuned. Elizabeth was sweet enough to tells us all about her social media success and well as give us tips and stories. 

Here we are being silly. I loved Elizabeth and I think we really connected well.
Such a sweetheart and down to earth. 

Here is Elizabeth filming for a video that will be up on www.fashionclimaxx.com soon - Gerardo is filming her, he is an amazing upcoming shoe designer, I loved him, he was so sweet and nice.

It was quiet the cold day in New York, as you can see from our faces! 

Here are all the bloggers that came out. We attempted to do a Sex and the City shot! 
I can't wait to see the result! 

One of my favorite pics (taken from Lola + Fufu's blog)

Oh just the fab team of Lola + Fufu with Lola Blue! Loved these girls, so sweet and fab! How cute are they? 

Another one of my favorite pics of the day. With Ashley Devawn, Lola + Fufu 
and the super sweet and stylish Heanys, she is Elizabeth's make up artist and stylist!  

I wore the Primavera Necklace in Yellow. It was a cold Saturday, I wanted to keep it casual
and comfy for walking the streets of NYC.

I am so happy I got to meet the people that I did. I honestly mean it when I say that the best part was knowing how humble and willing to help one another we were. It was a great meet + greet and hope it isn't the last. I can't wait to see how the video comes out. Thank you Elizabeth, Gerardo, Heanys and Abel for taking the time out of your super busy schedule and meeting with you loyal fans. It was a great time!

Cheers to new fabulous friends! 

 I will have full outfit post with details of what I wore a little later today.