{Handbags} Keeping its shape + staying organized!

About 2 weeks ago I received this email from one of my very loyal readers:

"Can you help me with something? I'm looking for SOMETHING to keep my bag's shape. One thing I hate is to carry my bag and the shape disappears as soon as you take all the paper stuffed inside from when you first buy it. So I want to carry it and it maintains the shape I felt in love with at the store! ...do you know of something."

I immediately remembered a post I read on my favorite "mommy blog" Modg Blog! I, myself, have been looking for the perfect tote bag to use as a permanent diaper bag. Something comfortable and easy. So this was what my virtual "friend" (i wish!) had recommended for ANY bag I may choose. 

Pretty neat, huh? Well it is hand-made and CUSTOM to fit any size bag that you may want, they can even make baby bottle compartments! Take a look at their Etsy shop, it is called Samorga and I can guarantee you are going to love every single one! I still haven't ordered mine because I cannot decide on a perfect bag! But I will as soon as I do. I mean what else can you ask for when it comes to easy and on the go mom's like me? ;) 

Here are some fun colors! 

Yocasta, I hope you love this fun find! I am sure these fab organizers will definitely keep your bag's shape! And did you see how affordable they are? You are welcome! :) 

Happy shopping!

{Handbags} Keeping its shape + staying organized!
  1. YYYYYEEEEEEYYYY!!!!! Yes! Yes and Yes again! sooo happy !!! thank you soo much!!! these are perfect! putting in my order today! I knew you'll find something..Thanks Doll you ROCK!!!

  2. You are welcome Yocasta! I am so happy you love it! I need to order mine too :)