Today is beauty day and I finally decided to go and re-do my Ombre. If you remember back in late January I did my Ombre look - some subtle light tones at the ends of my hair... Finally 4 1/2 months later, I decided to touch it up and lighten it up, because it really does last that long.

I have a fabulous new hair stylist that I am loving big time. Her name is Stephanie from Valina Salon and Day Spa. The way she cuts my hair... and curls it, is total fabulousity! My curls have never lasted as long as they last when she does it. It was love at first sight when I met her.

Here we are today, getting my {BEAUTY} on.

What are your thoughts on the Ombre look? I love the low maintenance aspect of it and definitely a money saver! And when you are a mom on the go like me - this is HUGE. Money saving? I am there ; )

Have a fabulous Saturday all!