Im-press Nails totally impressed me!

Lately I find myself having zero time for going to the nail salon and getting my bi-weekly mani + pedi. So I've been doing my own manicure and pedicure at home... Well that's all great but between washing baby bottles, cooking and cleaning - way too many times my nails chip and then I have to do them all of again...

So to save time I decided to finally try out Im-press Nails - my friend had recommended them to me and today I said, why not. For $5.97 at Walmart - I have nothing to lose.

I am so beyond happy with the results, my nails look like I just came from the nail salon. It was super easy and fast, therefore I wanted to show you the result here first.

I decided to go with a simple look for now, to see how it would really work but they have some super fun designs which I will definitely be trying out next!

Here are their 36 designs that are available:

And here is a coupon for $1.00 off - which means you would get a quick, fabulous and easy manicure in minutes, it literally took me 10 minutes at most, for $4.97!

Happy mani + pedi!

Im-press Nails totally impressed me!
  1. Going to try this! thanks E <3