This is not a fashion or beauty tip. It is WAY more important than that. It is KONY 2012.

For my son. For his future, for his world. I am deeply touched by this video.

This is a 30m long video that everyone single one of us should be watching. THIS is the reason Facebook has become what it is today. For this exact reason, to spread THIS word. Please take 30 minutes to watch this video and understand KONY 2012. This video has truly truly changed my day, my thoughts, my life. The way I want to live. The world and life I want my son to live in. I feel so foolish complaining about insignificant things, wanting more than I have... or simply always wanting more.

This is probably and most likely THE SINGLE most touching video I have ever watched. No matter how "not emotional" you are this will touch your heart. This is for my son Ben. Because I couldn't imagine him growing up in a world with NO JUSTICE, NO INNOCENCE, NO CHILDHOOD.

I strive every day as do all parents to be a great human being for him. Way too often I've taken my blessed life for granted. And yes a quote here and there, a beautiful Sunday with my family, may make me realize, but this will make us ALL realize - we are truly blessed, no matter our income or status or race... as Americans we are blessed to have the freedom and lives we have.

Well now I want to do something about this, I'll start by sharing this video. Please watch it and do something about it. Not for you... but for our children.


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Thank you,