Anyone that knows me knows that I heart Kourtney Kardashian, from her personality to her mommy skills to of course her sense of style. I truly believe she is the best dressed Kardashian sister. Every single thing she wears... I love. I need her closet! And she definitely looks amazing right now - I am so J of her bod!

Anywho, so I decided to check out her Kardashian Kollection a while back but never actually stepped into Sears to buy any. Now I put together this post about my fave pieces. And definitely DO plan on getting my little butt to Sears as soon as it is possible.

Cheetah Print Jumpsuit, on sale for $58.99:

I need to have these pants and whats best they are only $42.99!

I think this blue blouse would look great tucked in with a nice skirt flare skirt and belt:

I cannot wait to go and try this on! I definitely want this and for $42.99 I can't go wrong:
 I like the neck line of this dress alot:
 And of course the infamous jumper that we've seen the Kardashian sisters wear, I love the V-neck and the way it accentuates the waist:

I think the jumper would look great with this belt:
 And I love this clutch for summer!
 This is such a nice staple piece handbag to have in your closet, I love the print and style, it's edgy and classy:

Now let me know what you think and if you, like me, will be heading to Sears to check out the Kollection!

Happy shopping,