The always sexy VS Fashion Show!

As far back as I can remember I always wished to be an angel...

A Victoria's Secret Angel that is. How hot are those girls? Well, so that wish went out the window real quick, have you seen their amazing bodies? But of course you have!

My all time fave was Gisele! But since she is no longer part of the VS crew... Miranda Kerr has filled that spot.

Stop the typing... Here are pics of some of my fave looks:

How hot are these two? Adam Levine is a hottie... and he knows it. Haha.

And of course I couldn't miss the 2.5 million dollar bra... On my fave angel... Mrs. Orlando Bloom! 
He looked so in love, I love it. 

... I know, I know. 
How in the world does she look that amazig after less than a year of giving birth to her almost 10 lbs baby boy!? Naturally!

Trainers. Nutritionists. Chefs.... GENES! I wish. I am still working on my post baby weight...
Ahhh. One. Day. 

As always,
Happy sexy shopping!


The always sexy VS Fashion Show!