After giving birth to my first baby, my son aka "the little king", he rules my life, I found myself being at home with many never ending ideas, thoughts, interests and most importantly many, many dreams. My newest; a blog. A style blog, of course. I've been brewing with the idea for a while now... And waiting until "the king" gave me a little more free time, and its happened, he finally has a more manageable routine. So here I am... making this idea, a reality.

The idea began to come together when I noticed a good amount of my friends complimenting my outfits and a lot of times asking where I purchased it. After giving it some thought I figured I had nothing to lose and a lot of fun and knowledge to gain by putting together a blog of anything and everything I wear and what I would love to wear.

I believe fashion is a true expression of one's personality. I love dressing up, playing with make up, colors, different styles, new and vintage pieces. As early as I can remember, I was playing with my tia's hair and putting makeup on my mom. As a little girl,  I remember sitting at home bored, playing dress up on and taking pictures of myself. True story : )

I plan on giving you tips & ideas on what to wear for the current season and where to find them these fab pieces at amazing prices. My purpose is to make this blog your "go-to" personal stylist for the latest in fashion trends through my eyes. From time to time you may find beauty products and maybe even baby fashion! I will also be posting some high end items for which we all have our "emergency funds" piggy bank for ; )

Let's get this closet party started!