Every Monday morning as I am taking a shower before the hustle of the beginning of the week I like to take some time to focus on what my goals for the week are. I go through my calendar in my head and I makes sure I say my affirmations. I wanted to share them with you guys because I always love reading other people’s goals, they inspire me to get my butt up and going. I also wanted to share some of my favorite places to shop for my part-time office job since I’ve received a lot of messages asking me to share. Let’s start with my goals this week…

1. Get up and go to events, even when I don’t want to. Do not let any anxiety or fear of the unknown get into my head. Events are great for growth, inspiration and networking. 

2. Breath. Sometimes I am all go, go, go and forget to take a moment to breath. So, I’ve recently been very self-aware and reminding myself to take deep breaths and focus on the RIGHT NOW. Not on the past or future but the now. There’s this IG account called CALM, I love it because it truly relaxes me and keeps me in focus. 

3. Enjoy the little moments with my kids more. As a busy mom it’s really easy to get caught up with work and the everyday routine and chores. I’ve been trying to be more present with my kids a lot more lately. I’m leaving the phone behind a lot more and enjoy the very little moments. Coloring with Emme or playing Headbands with Ben, even simply reading the books with them but wholeheartedly being in the moment with my kids. Nothing is more important than them.

4. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. A big part of people who suffer from anxiety is thinking about the past or the future. Simply about things that have not happened yet or already happened. Being in the moment gets harder than you think but once you are truly enjoying what you are presently living you feel great. Again, that CALM account helps me. 

5. Get the house fall ready! Ok so this may be a silly one but organizing and decorating the house is so fulfilling to me. It literally will brighten up my mood when I am feeling crappy. And since fall is officially here, why not get the house fall ready. This week I plan to decorate the outdoors with pumpkins and mums! I love fall… I hope I can get everything done😊 and if not, I hope to not stress about not finishing, ha! 
 Button-down shirt: H&M | Pants: Express | Shoes: Nine West
So as promised I also wanted to share about where I get my office wear. I started my part-time in January and since then I have been shopping at stores like Express, H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. Express has the best work pants ever! I love that they always have a big collection of styles as well as great sales. Most of my work pants are from Express, I get the short length or cropped most of the time. 

H&M and Zara have great button downs and blouses, I always get compliments on my tops and believe it or not none of them are over $50. I love to wear a white button down with black or gray pants. Such a classic and always a good idea. This look gives me so much confidence. Get your self a nice big bag for every day, like the one I am wearing here and voila! I got this bag from Kate Space and I love it. It’s perfect and even fits my laptop. When it comes to shoes, I need comfort. I love Nine West and Vince Camuto shoes for work. 
Honestly, I don’t think you have to break the bank to look good, just spend your money wisely. A great pair of pants with a statement blouse or classic button down will have you oozing confidence and feeling like a million dollars. I do want to share a office style haul video so that will be coming in the near future because I am making my way back into YouTube! Yay! 
Well I hope you crush all your goals this week amigas!