September 9, 2014


I almost forgot to post this look! Here is what I wore for Day 1 of New York Fashion Week this year. I went with an all black look because it was easy and I love the simplicity of such a perfect basic color. When planning the outfit I knew I needed a little pop so I added this Rag & Bone hat which you've already seen me wear a zillion times. And of course a bold lip was a must. I wore Mrs. Mia Wallace from Urban Decay's new fall collection Pulp Fiction. I felt chic and stylish yet comfortable. It was such a fun day, I got to see some of my blogger buddies. I went to Desigual + Marissa Webb as well as a fabulous Old Navy event in the evening. I even saw Katie Holmes! And then to finish off this hot September day, me and a few friends had a late night dinner. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous day.
Hola chicas! Por poco me olvido de poner este look! Esto fue lo que use para el primer dia La Semana de la Mode de Nueva York. Decidi ponerme este look simple de color pero igual de fabuloso porque quise estar comoda pero chic. Para ponerle un poco de fabulosity decidi llevar este sombrero de Rag & Bone cual ya me lo han visto millon veces (es que me encanta). Y por supuesto chicas, cuando en duda, pongansen un labial llamativo - en este caso use el de Urban Decay, de la coleccion nuevo Pulp Fiction en Mrs. Mia Wallace es el color. Recuerden solo porque es un color basico, no significa que el negro se aburrido, juega con tu accesorios y ya! Te veras fabulosa! Espero les guste. 
Hat/Sombrero: Rag & Bone
Top/Blusa: Forever 21
Skirt/Falda: H&M
Belt/Correa: Zara
Shoes/Zapatos: Steve Madden
Bag/Cartera: Forever 21

Have a great week! | Que tenga una linda semana!

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