July 17, 2013

Dancing... in the rain.

Whenever I am having a stressful day I tend to kind of guard myself and not really want to talk to anyone. I guess you can say I don't want to stress anyone else with my nonsense. Because to be honest that is exactly what it is most times. There are people in the world with serious problems and problems without cure or resolution. And I realize once again that one must take a step back and realize that whatever is stressing me today will mean nothing in a year. And of course to feel better I always wear color! Just makes you feel good... Well I had quiet the challenging week last week, on top of the fact that my P friend came to visit me... we are all grown ups here, no shame in nature's game. But the moral of this story is that no matter how crazy and stressful your day is always remember that it will pass. And everything works out to how it is supposed to. I always pray to God whenever I am having a difficult day. And he always seems to have my back and make it all better. There is nothing like having faith... it can truly make make you or break you. That is why; one must always learn to dance in the rain
La semana pasada fue un poco estresante para mi. Cuando tengo dias dificiles casi siempre mi tendencia es apartarme y solucionar sola mis problemas. No me gusta molestar a otros con mi disque problemas insignificantes. Porque en realidad si me pongo a analizar eso es lo que son. Me doy cuenta que hay otras personas con problemas que no tienen solucion o cura, y eso SI es triste. Por eso hoy les escribo para decirles que aunque nuestros problemas en ese momento se vean como que uno se ahoga en un vaso de agua... siempre recuerden que todo pasa y que Dios siempre tiene un plan. No importa cuan estresante mi dia es, siempre lo pongo en mano de Dios y el nunca me ha fallado. Todo se resuelve a su tiempo. Si todos tuvieramos fe, la vida sera mas facil de apreciar y valorar. He aprendido a bailar... hasta en dias de lluvia. Y por supuesto me pongo mi atuendo mas colorido para alegrar mi dia.

Sunnies/Gafas: RayBan | Dress/Vestido: Target | Sweater/Sueter: JCP by MNG | Shoes/Zapatos: Aldo
Bracelets/Pulseras: Lola Blue, the closet

This swirl gold cuff is one of my favorite and I think a definite must-have in every girl's closet. It goes with everything, you may have see it on my a few times on my Instagram page. Follow me on IG for the latest updates and some fun insta-pics: @lolabluethecloset

Don't forget to smile no matter how the sun shines today and as always wear your most colorful dress... with a bright smile and positive attitude, life will smile right back at you! 
Esta pulsera dorada es una de mis favoritas. Es una pieza clave en mi closet y pienso que deberia ser en el closet de todas. Va con todo! Y llama mucho la atencion. De seguro la han visto varias veces en mi Instagram. Si no me siguen por IG todavia visitenme @lolabluethecloset

No olviden de siempre sonreirle a la vida. Con una actitud positiva y un vestido colorido les aseguro que la vida les sonreira de vuelta. Que tengas un bello dia! 



  1. Probably already mentioned this on your IG but I love this dress! The color is faband it's funny how on those days when you're in a bit of a funk, your outfit can help a bit. I've realized when I'm feeling slightly sick or down I tend to amp up my makeup a bit more.


    Oh, Ivory Blog

  2. Very Cute! and it looks confy. I would so wear that outfit.


  3. Such a pretty dress! love the print xx