February 20, 2013

This Eagle Has Landed!

Lately I've been feeling like I have zero time and I am always rushing. I have so many things coming my way, from the boutique to the blog, to my adorable son and my husband, to collaborations and events... the list is endless right now, but guess what? I love it! Well, finally I took some time out to get a little haircut on Saturday afternoon (you will see my new hair on the next post) and I wanted to wear my favorite t-shirt of all, my sequin eagle t-shirt, from where else but my fave place: Zara. This is how I wore it! 
Ultimamente no tengo tiempo para nada. Desde el blog a la boutique, mi bello hijo y esposo, colaboraciones y eventos.... pero la verdad estar ocupada con este tipo de cosas me encanta. Solo quisiera tener mas horas en el dia. Bueno, pero por fin tuve unas horitas y me fui al salon de belleza a cortarme el pelo (cual veran en mi proximo post) y me quize poner mi camiseta favorita! Es color gris oscura, con una aguila de brillitos, me encanta! Y por supuesto es de mi tienda favorita, Zara. 

Hat/Gorro: H&M
Sweater/Sueter: JCPenney
T-Shirt/Camiseta: Zara
Pants/Pantalones: Zara
Boots/Botas: Forever21
Bracelets/Pulseras: Lola Blue, the closet

 Here's the last photo I have with my long hair / Esta es la ultima foto que tengo con mi cabello largo.

What did you think of this bad-ass-rocker look? I love to dress like this sometimes.
Que les parecio este look asi un poquito rocker? De ves en cuando me encanta vestirme asi. 


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