February 4, 2013

Football Inspired { The Beyonce Bowl }

I must admit I am not a football gal or a sports gal for that matter. But when it was announced a few months ago that Beyonce, my one and only favorite artists of all time was performing at the Super Bowl Half Time show, I was beyond ecstatic! What football game? You mean that game that Beyonce is performing at this Sunday? Yes, my thoughts exactly.

So I decided to put together this little last minute football-beyonce-inspired outfit to honor this fab event, the Beyonce Bowl! I wanted to wear something super casual but with a little "football" to it, so I put on these knee high socks I've had for the longest, they are actually my fave. And of course heels could not be missed!


Sweater: Forever 21 | Tweed Shorts: Marshalls | Booties: Forever 21 | Jewelry: Lola Blue, the closet

The show was jaw-dropping. I had to watch it over and over. I loved that she performed some of her old hits like Crazy in LoveBaby Boy, Single Ladies and of course Love on Top and End of Time, two of my favorite songs from her album 4. And I almost died when she brought out Kelly and Michelle for Bootylicious and Independent Woman.

She is the baddest b*tch! Fierce like no other and no one would've rocked the house tonight like she did. It was everything I expected... and her outfit? just fab, she was styled by Rubin Singer. There is something so sexy about leather and lace, she didn't go over the top by changing outfits which I really loved, she focused on giving her best performance and to me, this was the best Super Bowl Half Time Show ever.

Beyonce is a true inspiration to me as a mother, wife, business woman, fashionista but most of all, as a WOMAN. Her power, independence and sex appeal makes me feel like I can do it all. My mouth drops every time I see her perform, I can watch her videos over and over again. So I expected nothing but the very best from this performance and man did she deliver! There is just something about her energy that sends a crazy amount of exhilaration, inspiration and power out, it makes me really believe I can do it all! Because we run the world after all! ;) Girls.



  1. Girllll...no wonder they put on Pepsi! You look HOT! This outfit is beyonce chic! #bootylicious


  2. What an amazing post! Love!

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

    1. thank you so much! I love your style - I just liked you on FB, let's connect! Maybe collaborate : ) xo