November 12, 2012

{Fall Booties} Sunday Style!

As a mom of a 15 month old, my schedule is beyond hectic. In between working a part time job, blogging full time, launching a jewelry boutique and being a mom + wife... I make it a priority to find time to "date" my husband every so often! And anyone who has a toddler, knows it is much needed too! Yesterday was a gorgeous day in NJ and we did just that! 

* These are the Arianna Earrings from my Boutique Lola Blue, the closet  *

 Sunglasses: Chanel
Watch: NY & Company
Bracelet: Gift from Israel
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: NY & Company
Purse: NY & Company
Booties: Forever 21

What do you think of my booties? They are so comfortable... and the price.. you won't believe! And wait till I show you the Splurge vs. Steal



  1. very cute! Hope your outing (date) with your hubbs was everything you hoped for and much more. You look Great! My son will be 17 months on the 19th this month. Time flies

  2. Simple yet chic outfit! I have never purchased any F21 shoes but those are cute. Nice earrings. I wish you much success!


  3. You definitely have to make time to "date" and I'm glad that you do! It's so important to make sure mommy and daddy are good. I wish I could fit the shoes at F21. I see so many cute pairs walking out of the store. *le sigh*

  4. You look gorgeous!!! Love the booties!