September 19, 2012

A little Bauble... a little Stripes.

I wanted to make it fun with a colorful fall outfit. Just because it's fall it doesn't mean we have to use only dark tones... if you have summer pieces mix and match them with stripes, leather, lace, or even dark hues of the same color for a fun color block! I love reinventing outfits... I purchased these pants at Forever 21 at the beginning of the summer.
Aunque este collar es elegante, por las lindas perlas, yo quise combinarlo con un conjunto divertido y colorido este oton~o. La clave de ahorrar dinero es reinventar piezas en su closet, asi sean de verano, este pantalon lo compre al comienzo del verano, pero me encanta y me lo seguire poniendo este oton~o.

Top/Blusa: The Limited
Pants/Pantalon: Forever 21
Shoes/Zapatos: Nine West (old)
Bracelet/Pulsera: Gift

What do you think? What summer staples will you be reinventing this fall? 
Que les parece? Cuales piezas de verano reusaran este oton~o? 



  1. Amazing necklace!!

  2. Hi Erika!! Congrats on the Fashion Bombshell!! Your super fab! I'm also from NJ.....woopwoop! LOL! I'm following u now! Follow back if you'd like.


    1. THANK YOU MELISSA! I am heading over to your blog right now! NJ UNITE ;) haha.

  3. Hello Gorgeous, saw you on Fashion Bombshell, congrats! Love your statement jewelry. Check out my Online shop for handmade statement jewelry ! enjoy.